"The Development of Oil Palm Plantation & Oil Extraction Project", RFP and other documents can be downloaded @https://scda.sindh.gov.pk/tenders

Welcome to the official web portal of Sindh Coastal Development Authority

We work for overall development, improvement, and beautification of the Coastal Areas of Sindh Province comprising  Districts (Karachi South, Malir, Keamari, Korangi, Thatta, Sujawal and Badin). It is our responsibility to ensure proper identification & selection of development schemes/ activities based on the needs of the community. These schemes fall in the category of :-

Drinking water facilities, communication system, electricity, drainage, education, development of fisheries, livestock, horticulture, forest, agriculture, marketing facilities, construction of jetties and harbors, up-gradation and improvement of the socio-economic condition of the inhabitants, and tourism.

We also act as coordinating agency of the Federal and Provincial Governments, and any local authority or autonomous body to: collaborate in development activities, provide technical guidance, undertake execution of schemes entrusted by the Federal or Provincial Government, undertake research in developmental planning of various activities related to the coastal areas, compile relevant literature on planning and development, and conduct training programs/ seminars on planning and development in the related areas


Our mission is not only to conserve the coastal environment but also promote development, generate revenue and provide employment to the coastal communities.


Our vision is to create opportunities for the fishermen communities to enhance their livelihood and standard of living.
And to ensure long-term coastal resiliency through the protection of intact habitats and restoration of priority degraded
habitats for the benefit of the communities and for resources.


Overall development, improvement of socio-economic conditions of inhabitants, beautification and coordination within coastal areas of Sindh including districts of Thatta, Sujawal, Badin and Karachi.


Coastal Talukas of Thatta District: Mirpur Sakro, Ghorabari, Keti Bundar, Kharo Chan
Coastal Talukas of Badin District: S.F. Rahu & Badin
Coastal Talukas of Sujawal: Shah Bundar & Jati
Coastal Districts of Karachi: Distt. Malir, Distt. Korangi, Distt. South & Distt. Keamari

Latest Updates

Latest Updates

"The Development of Oil Palm Plantation & Oil Extraction Project", RFP and other documents can be downloaded @https://scda.sindh.gov.pk/tenders

Posted on 16 Aug 2023 | Read More

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm (ESCS) over East Central Arabian Sea moved northward during last 12 hours (Source: Pak Met Deptt.)

Posted on 12 Jun 2023 | Read More

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